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Building and Layout

1. Notice Board mounted on Entrance gate
2. Boundary wall  built around the school
3. General Hygiene and Cleanliness well maintained
4. Large Assembly area available with PA System
5. Adequate Cross Ventilation, Lighting and Fans available
6. Newly Purchased, Accident Free Furniture
7. Interactive Smart Boards in 08 Classes
8. Electrical wiring and switch boards fully safe and serviceable
9.  Traffic Park available and well maintained.

10.Ramp is available with hand reeling.



Playground and equipments

1. Adequate play equipment available for children.
2. Sand filling around the play equipment done for safety of children.

Drinking Water and Toilet

1. Separate toilets for Staff, Boys and Girls available.
2. Aqua-UV Water Purification system installed
3. Washing places available for children
4. Tiling of toilets and modification for small children done
5. Over head storage tank water available in toilets round the clock